Friday, January 15, 2016

New Version of An Old Movie

If you've never watched the Wizard Of Oz while dieting, well, then, you've never fully enjoyed the real story. There are so many innuendos, suggestions and subliminal messages in it that it blows my mind! Here's my take on the old classic as I see it through the eyes of a woman on a diet...

In her younger days, Dorothy was happy. She walked around the farm, singing and dancing with the ease of a gazelle. Auntie Em fed her apple pies and corn casseroles and creamy butter on home made biscuits. And that right there, folks, became Dorothy's biggest problem. Aunt Em was an enabler. When Dorothy's blue and white gingham dress became a little tight from too many Tootsie Rolls, Aunt Em just took it to her sewing room and let out the seams, lengthened the belt and let poor Dorothy go on believing she was still just "a little ol' thing".

But one day Uncle Henry became winded when lifting her up on the garden fence. It was then that Dorothy began to realize that she had gained some weight. When she found the fabric scraps in Aunt Em's sewing basket -and then got on the scale- Dorothy's world became dizzy with disbelief! It was as if a tornado was spinning her out of control! Stress, low self esteem and worry began to get the best of her.

When she finally realized she was fat, she was living in another world. Of lollipops. And a yellow brick road. Which wasn't really bricks, but Twinkies. And everyone dancing around her was soooo midgets...compared to how she had blown up and turned into an obese young lady that was  so very lost.

At first she didn't know what to do. She just kept eating like she didn't have a brain.
It took her awhile to realize she had to have a heart. And her heart had to be into the journey of finding a diet that would work. So she kept looking and kept trying and kept searching.
All her friends were like a bunch of flying monkeys, though. They tried to sabotage her efforts. They kept whisking her away to the bars and buffets and all you can eat potlucks. They even tried to steal her ruby red running shoes, telling her she didn't really need them.

And there were those skinny witches that keep messing with her, too. She had to learn to pay no mind to them.

It took courage for Dorothy to keep trying- to keep pushing herself to find the old her. To find her way back home where she felt comfortable in her own body. And she did find courage and willpower and strength. Even to walk through fields of popovers and not eat a single one.

Eventually Dorothy found the perfect diet. It was as though a wizard had taken control and turned her back into a person she recognized in the mirror. She wore those ruby red shoes and worked out several times a week, she gave up Twinkies and sweets and started eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And before she knew it, she found her way back....

It's a journey. You're going to meet a lot of people along the way that are going to help you. Join them.
But there will be those who will hinder you. Avoid them.

Because someday when your brain and heart and courage all work together, you'll fly over the rainbow. And life will be fun again.


  1. There's no place like home,there's no place like home....

    1. I've been lost for quite awhile now...but I've known it. I've been doing pretty good so far, but it's a daily struggle. Looking forward to a reward in the future a tropical vacation or something! Thanks for tuning in!

  2. There's no place like home,there's no place like home....