Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's All About The Shoes

Starting a diet is a lot like buying a new pair of shoes.
Not only are there hundreds and hundreds to chose from, but somehow we manage to try on and accumulate several over the years.

Just like shoes,sometimes the fit of a diet isn't quite right. Too restrictive-too boring-Way too fancy-Or even too loose.
That just gives us the excuse to go out shopping for something better.

Just like buying new shoes,whenever we start a new diet, we treat it carefully at first. Loving the way it fits...
It just feels right, doesn't it?
We write down the calories carefully, we weigh our meat choices, and we savor new flavors. We love the way we start to look in this diet.
But soon we grow tired of keeping it polished-it becomes boring-
you begin to get a big ol' diet blister that won't go away.
You think about throwing this diet in the back of the closet
and giving up. You want to just go running through fields of chocolate chips and ruin it completely.
You dream of something better.

But stop.
The blisters are only temporary.
And when they go away, you will be a new person. 
Your shoes will sparkle and shine and your body will be thankful you didn't go a little crazy on it.
If you don't do it today, that big old diet shoe will come kick you in the big old butt someday.
Believe me.

Sure, you can change shoes once in awhile. Have a nice Valentine dinner with your sweetheart.Try a cupcake at the baby shower.
Steal a couple of french fries from the kids.
But know when to stop.
Know when to pull those diet shoes back on and walk the straight and narrow again.
Know when to set aside the play shoes and get serious.
So, I want to say this to everybody- knowing when to stop can sometimes be the hardest part. But learn to say no. To hold your head up just walk away in your brand new diet shoes, smile proudly, and say- "No thanks".
Get up. Smile. Brush your hair and throw on some lipstick. Put on those diet shoes and walk proudly. 

Today is a new adventure.


  1. Oh Rae, you hit my tender nerve--I LOVE SHOES!! Shopping in St. Louis with my fav cousin before Christmas, she took me into a designer shoe outlet store. I found this fabulous pair of sparkly shoes perfect for the holidays. I HAD to have them and naturally (being the perfect shopping buddy that she is) she convinced me I deserved them. So, with nowhere to wear them, they took up residence in my closet. Now I do have somewhere to wear them on the 15th. Hooray!!! Except. They look awful with my old lady, fatso dress. So I have a short time to take off a few pounds to fit into my "skinnier" dress or I'll have to wear different shoes. Wish me luck.

  2. Glad you indulged yourself in some glittery shoes! What's going on the 15th? Whatever it us, hope it's fun and you make some great memories! Thanks for stopping by!