Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Big Giant Book Of Excuses

I guess some things never change...It seems I'm about as consistent with my blogging as I am with my diet. Good intentions and the best laid plans are nothing without following through. Somehow that straight and narrow path to the single digit sizes suddenly got steep, curvy, dangerous, and crazy.
I've lost nothing but my way.

I've pulled out my Big Giant Book Of Excuses today. It's heavier than I am! I've cracked it open to The Seasons, of which I do believe is a proper excuse for not following a diet. Just crawling out of a long winter makes a bear hungry and angry - of which I am both, although I can never explain the angry part. Just take my word for it.

Then I flip my book over to Celebrations. Excuse # 2912. I had a wedding to attend. And it encompassed dinners and breakfasts and cake and snacks and fast food and all manner of non healthy treats that cause a sort of diet amnesia. Frankly, it's been four days since the wedding and I still have a bit of brain fog. It's causing me to steer way too close to pancakes and pizza.

Of course, there's always that final, lingering excuse. The big one you try to tell yourself everyday of your big obese life. It's found under, Who Cares? I've been arguing with my sensible self that it doesn't matter. I wasn't meant to be thin. Or I'm not that fat. Or I'll do it later, next month, or whenever my body is ready.

Of all the millions of excuses in the book, that is the most dangerous. Because it does matter. You are worth it. So many people really do care because it's not just your physical being that is involved here, but also your health, your spirit and your attitude. Those that love you do care even though they may not be there to cheer while you're on the treadmill or scramble your eggs for you. They may not hang around to point out your mistakes, count your calories for you or hold your hand during weigh in. But they care. They truly do. They want you to fly!

So, I know it's difficult to follow someone who doesn't know where they are going. But, actually, I do know where I'm going.
I'm just kinda lost now, but I have a goal. I know what's beyond the forest of excuses. I know what awaits me down the highway of temptation and the path of fear. I know what it takes to get there.

Put away the excuses.

The journey is never how you dream it, but the destination will be. Remember that.

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