Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tricks of the Thin People

I'm all for doing research when
confronted with the unknown
or when I begin an activity or project
that that I have questions about.

Just like this weight loss thing...I've been studying ways
to at least look thinner until I can actually be thinner.

The experts say that one way is tricks with makeup.
They claim that eye makeup can make your eyes appear larger-
thus causing your face to appear smaller.
And make sure to give your lips and cheeks some added color
and powder your nose.Okay.
The bigger your eyes,the smaller your face.
Got that.

Then the same concept should be used when choosing a hairstyle.
The more lift and volume to your hair- the smaller your face seems.

Big hair=Smaller face.

Of course we all know the clothing factor
in looking thinner.
White is out.
Vertical stripes instead of horizontal.
Darker color on bottom.
No pleats or big pockets.
Supportive underwear.
No belly tops.

But I do feel that if your
personality is young and vibrant
then your clothing should reflect that.
No use constantly wearing black.
Remember the old saying?

if you paint a barn black- it's still gonna be a barn!
So, lighten up.

So, after thorough research,
I instantly tried all the
above hints and tips.

How do I look?

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